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Having your business listed in the KearsargeConnects Local Business Directory increases your online exposure directly to your potential customers and / or clients: your community.

Local Business Members listed in the KearsargeConnects Local Business Directory are recognized as local businesses with a shared interest in the economic health of our communities. They are committed to building their business within and for their communities, first and foremost.

As a member of the KearsargeConnects Local Business Directory, your business will be listed under your category of choice, or may be listed under multiple categories as deemed appropriate by you. If your business has a website (recommended), your company name will be linked to your company website at no additional charge so visitors, with a touch of the finger, can go directly to your site. If your business does not have a website, your business address and telephone number will be listed along with the company name so that visitors may find and contact you "the old fashioned way".

Business Members listed in the KearsargeConnects Local Business Directory may also post unlimited job openings / opportunities on the KearsargeConnects website for FREE. 

About Free, Unlimited Job Postings

As a Business Member, not only is your business recognized within your community as one who is interested in being a part of it's economic health, you are recognized as a company that is supporting that interest by seeking employees for your business within your local community... by hiring locally.

Business Members of KearsargeConnects may post UNLIMITED JOB OPENINGS on the site at NO ADDITIONAL COST. You will need a Google Account to post in the forums.  You may use your current one, or if you don't have one, create a new one.  Google Accounts (G+ / GMail) are free. 

If your business currently posts jobs on other job boards, you recognize the cost-savings this affords your business.

Posting Local Jobs in NH is an imporant aspect of KearsargeConnects. The more local jobs / job openings that are posted on KearsargeConnects, the more traffic the website will experience. People are looking for work. The more traffic the website experiences, the higher our website will rank in the search engines. The higher our website ranks in the search engines, the more people in our community will find it. The more the residents of our community find our website, the more local jobs will be filled.

Additionally, the more traffic our website experiences, the more your business gains exposure via the Local Business Directory and advertising on the website. More jobs filled locally, more people working in our communities, more business for local businesses... it all adds up to a stronger economy for our local communities. 


KearsargeConnects | Connecting Local Business with Local Lives in Support of a Sustainable Local Economy

KearsargeConnects is a comprehensive online community resource and forum serving the following towns in the Kearsarge through Lake Sunapee areas of NH:
Georges Mills
New London

Local Business Directory
(KearsargeConnects Business Members)

"Business Members of the KearsargeConnects Community are those businesses within the Kearsarge / Sunapee Regions of New Hampshire that are committed to building their businesses within, and in support of, their local community.  They are businesses that recognize that the community within which they conduct their business is vital to their success and that the vitality of a business is only as strong as the economic health of the community in which they operate."
-Samantha Cleveland, Creator of KearsargeConnects

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Free, Unlimited Postings on other KearsargeConnects Forums / Community BUlletin Boards, including For Sale & For Rent Listings, Volunteering Opportunities, Skilled Trade Services Offered and more. You will need a Google Account to post in the forums. You may use your current one, or if you don't have one, create a new one. Google Accounts (G+ / GMail) are free.

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