About KearsargeConnects

About KearsargeConnects

This site has been designed with the vision of having a comprehensive, one-stop resource for local community members to find just about everything they want and/or need within their local communities. It's mission is straight-forward: to strengthen our communities' economic health by keeping income and resources pumping through our local veins. Local jobs, local employers, local businesses, local people, local listings... they all make up our local economy.

We have the businesses to do it and we have the people to do it.  And now we have the streamlined resource to help make it happen.

KearsargeConnects offers a platform for local residents to find jobs within their local NH communities, businesses to fill job openings locally by marketing their jobs on our local job board, local businesses an opportunity to market / advertise their products or services within their local community, and local residents the opportunity to post / find local talent for skilled trade needs, items for sale, places / items for rent, post or find volunteer opportunities, find rides to share, seek items wanted and create general community discussion.

The canvas has been presented with the creation and maintenance of the site.  It's up to the community to fill it in.

What makes us different?

KearsargeConnects is unique in that we bring together the business community and the non-business community... right here, in one place.

Our Community Forum / Online Bulletin Board is our region's own free classified advertising site and from there, members are linked to everything our community would want in a resource directory- from businesses to services, to the arts and entertainment.

Everyone knows there are many resources available for businesses in the area, as well resources for community members, yet for some reason, until now, they have been platformed separate from one another.

Businesses tend to co-mingle among themselves and their organizations, and the non-business community tends to co-mingle among themselves. A place that hosts opportunity for non-business locals to interact in the same space where businesses in the community extends their presence, is unique. It brings together the two elements required for a local economy to flourish, as both aspects of the community (business and non-business) are dependent upon one another. Local residents want your jobs, services and goods, and local businesses want your talent, skill and patronage. This co-mingling of community creates increased exposure and awareness of one another. 

For individual community members, we have a community forum / online bulletin board for non-commercial communication and the ability for locals to post their items for sale / rent, events, needs /wants and discussion. It is our region's social networking and classified advertising site... like our own little Craigslist, but with a little more oversight, in that in order to post in the forums, members must be approved (local).  

We also provide residents with a platform for gaining exposure within the community if they are self-employed or if they are an artist or musician.

For the local business community, we provide a platform for posting jobs within their local community, exposure in our Local Business Directory as, again, a business supporting it's community; and local, affordable advertising (to members of both the business and non-business community). And whereas our Community Bulletin Board is a social-networking site, it is an excellent venue for business marketing. It's all about expanding awareness... which is created by exposure.

Furthermore, KearsargeConnects acknowledges that in many cases, there is no separation between the business and non-business members of our local communities. For many of us, we are one and the same.

Why KearsargeConnects? 

As a resident of one of the several towns making up the Kearsarge / Lake Sunapee region, have you ever looked for work in this area? If so, you know your search for an income opportunity is pretty scattered among various resources. In fact, most people find themselves turning to resources outside of this area, to larger communities such as Concord, Manchester, or the Upper Valley in HOPES of finding something fairly close to home so that half their time and income isn't absorbed in the commute.

Everyday people turn to the internet in their search for a job and when searching "jobs in NH", the results cover a such a broad area (the entire state) that it is difficult to pinpoint those few-and-far-between in our local area. KearsargeConnects allows local businesses and local residents working at local businesses to list their jobs / opportunities to those in our local NH communities.

As a business in our region, perhaps you've had the need to hire employees, and just as job seekers have had to turn to resources outside our local community, you probably have had to as well. KearsargeConnects strives to provide the resources for local residents to more simply find local employment and for local businesses to more simply hire local employees, by letting local folks know your needs.

We may live in a time of technology that puts the world at our fingertips, but the values of our region remain in tact. We know and take pride in the fact that our local communities consist of INDIVIDUALS, where everybody is somebody, and if we can support our neighbor by employing him or her, or by supporting his or her business, services or talents, that is something to celebrate! The health of our local businesses is only as strong as the health of our local economy.

Furthermore, for individuals in our communities who have something to offer others, whether it's information about an upcoming event, something they personally want to sell, or perhaps they are looking for volunteers, or to share a ride... the national bulletin boards are often too broad to get local attention. KearsargeConnects offers a FREE local community bulletin board so community members can communicate with one another. It's a local alternative to bigger community bulletin boards such as Craigslist.com, where local postings can get lost in the shuffle. Plus, why buy or sell to a distant stranger when you can buy or sell to a local community member?

At KearsargeConnects, together we are making a difference in the economic health of our communities.

Communities included in KearsargeConnects:

Andover, Bradford, Claremont, Contoocook, Croydon, Danbury, Davisville, Elkins, Georges Mills, Goshen, Grafton, Grantham, Henniker, Hopkinton, Lempster, Newbury, New London, Newport, North Sutton, Salisbury, South Sutton, Springfield, Sunapee, Sutton, Unity, Warner, Webster and Wilmot.